Crash for Cash Scams

Every day 164 bogus claims are made pushing up insurance premiums to every driver by £90.

There is an 18 per cent increase in ‘Crash for Cash’ scams claimed insurance companies yesterday. The staged crashes and false claims helped fuel the increase in insurance fraud last year, costing £1.3billion. Nearly two thirds of this was paid out to motoring claimants – with the equivalent of 164 crash scams exposed every day. Insurance chiefs warn the true figures could be much higher because figures only relate to detected levels of insurance fraud.

‘Crash for cash’ accidents involve fraudsters deliberately crashing and then submitting bogus personal injury claims. The ‘slam on scam’ is common, where the fraudster will suddenly slam on the brakes causing the innocent driver behind to crash into the vehicle.

Using a recording camera in your vehicle is the only real way to protect yourself and substantiate your claims in a court of law.

A vehicle accident recording system will provide all drivers with the best protection against fraudulent insurance claims.

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