Meta Trak Systems Introduction

ICT would like to welcome Meta into the world of tracking with an exciting new series of GPS tracking systems. As more and more customers and businesses are looking at tracking either for insurance purposes or just peace of mind, Meta Trak have covered it all. The system has also been made easy to use and monitor by a dedicated mobile app as well as an online facility.

From the entry level Shield system to the Meta Trak 5, the Meta Trak systems offer quality and reliability. The insurance approved Meta Trak 6 and Meta Trak 5 have passed and surpassed the stringent criteria set out by Thatcham and provide excellent value for money as well as simple usability through their dedicated app designed to make your life easier. Not only do they give peace of mind to the individual but can provide a full track in the event of a theft, warn the customer when the battery is getting low or has been disconnected.