‘Old Git on a Bike’ Going around Europe in 60 Days

This Particlular Old Git on a Bike is Bill Budd. Bill is about to celebrate his 60th birthday, but not by having a quiet pint with a few close friends, nor by having a nice meal with an aged bottle of the nectar of the gods, or even a lazy weekend in Cornwall; oh no, that’s not how this Old Git is going to celebrate. Bill is making what some might call an ‘utterly bonkers’ trip to raise money for the Rosemary Foundation. It’s all about the 6’s,’ said Bill, with a broad grin, ‘I would like to raise £6,666.00 during my journey which will celebrate my 60th birthday, starts on the 6th of July 2014, encompasses 16 countries, spans 6000 km and all in 60 days!

Bill is Scorpion’s favourite mad-cap charity cycle rider,with nothing but a bike, a trailer and a Scorpion tracking system to keep him company; Bill is determined to make the arduous journey entirely unsupported and aims to make as much money as possible for The Rosemary Foundation through sponsorship and donations which can be made on his justgiving page www.justgiving.com/bill-budd.

At In Car Technology we were delighted to be asked to lend a hand, along with  Ben Fancett, Scorpion Tracking Business Manager,  in arranging and installing the tracking on a push bike! Ben said ‘it has been hard enough work helping Bill plot his journey and set up his entry and exit geofence locations but I can’t imagine how tough it’s going to be for Bill to actually make this trip.’ We are all counting down the days to the start of Bill’s epic journey and will be following him every step of the way and everyone at In Car Technology  and Scorpion wishes him well on what truly is a trip of a lifetime! GOOD LUCK BILL!  

If you would like to donate to Bill’s epic adventure, why not visit his sponsorship page www.justgiving.com/bill-budd