• META TRAK 5 - 1



As a tracking platform unique within the UK market, Meta Trak surpasses expectations. Beyond meeting the mandatory requirements set down by Thatcham, the multiple applications these systems offer provides a package to suit every need. The strict guidelines pertaining to Category 6 and Category 5 criteria are meticulously catered for, whilst also offering unsurpassed usability. Unlike other tracking products, the Meta Trak range is designed to offer more than just a stolen vehicle recovery system.

Although designed and manufactured in a country known for luxury cars, beyond Italy the Meta Trak range is a truly global product. It takes vehicle tracking to a different level by offering both real-time updates and historic data so you can build up a full picture of the situation. Using digital barrier technology known as geo-fencing, alerts can be set up to let you know when pre-set borders are triggered.

The ability to capture vehicle driving statistics and traffic information can help both you and the police should a theft occur. Best of all, the Meta Trak App enables the user to obtain all relevant vehicle details in one place, from any location worldwide.

Our industry knowledge has ensured the units are small enough to hide for insurance purposes, whilst remaining robust enough to deal with challenges faced by modern tracking systems. Through an appreciation of the difficulties in fleet management, the Meta Trak range is sold with a built-in subscription. They are live from the moment they are installed, which in turn meets the highest insurance criteria. This eliminates any risk of the vehicle being stolen before a valid subscription had been set up, which would render an insurance policy null and void.


In addition to these great features, all of the models in this range come with a 3 year warranty for enhanced peace of mind. As well as offering systems to suit both Category 5 and Category 6 insurance criteria, there is a non-accredited unit for those wishing to monitor the vehicle themselves. The reassurance that comes from knowing where a loved one is when they are travelling alone can be life-changing. Even if you’re simply looking to meet a restriction laid down by insurance companies, the Meta Trak range always exceeds expectations.