TomTom Portable Tracking and Navigation device – Free Trial for one Week

In Car Technology are offering you a free trial for one week of the TomTom Portable tracking and navigation device. Managing people and vehicles is hard enough, its harder still when they’re miles away and moving in different directions. So when the time comes to make business-critical decisions, how can you be sure you have all the relevant facts? The detailed figures? The most up-to-date information? You can have it all and more with the TomTom WORKsmart technology.

It gathers vital, minute-by-minute information and presents it in an easy-to-use format on your PC, there is no need for any special software.  See for yourself the advantages of knowing the real-time position of your drivers, when your customers can expect their delivery, the amount of private versus business mileage.

There are many reports available making those monthly reports so much easier. The TomTom PRO9150 portable tracking and navigation device can be moved between vehicles, so you will be able to try the unit free for one week – CALL US NOW FOR MORE DETAILS. More information can be found in our Fleet Management Section.