TomTom Telematics Series 8 release

Recently TomTom Telematics released their new Pro 8 series portable terminals which will transform the possibilities and have a big impact on the fleet management system. The terminals are connected to the Webfleet platform via a tom-tom link tracker and are designed to relate information back to the office in real time so decisions can be made more quickly and effectively. The 2 new pro models are the 8270 and the 8275, the main difference between the devices is that the 8275 comes with a 5 megapixel rear camera support and 3G modem .

The new API, PRO.connect allows the customer to customize the driver terminal with apps to help aid the work flow process. Applications such as proof of delivery, vehicle checks and barcode scanning (only available for the Pro 8275) making work life easier on the road but also improves service quality for end customers.

For more information please look at our fleet management page where you will find all the information regarding all tom-tom tracking and pro devices; Fleet Tracking Systems.