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As with any thriving commuter town, Crawley is home to virtually all kinds of transportation. Gatwick airport lies just on the fringes and is now one of the UK’s most used international airports. It’s days as a quaint market centre are long gone, with coaching inns now replaced by a radiating network of roads.

Although Crawley’s name originally meant ‘clearing full of crows’, measuring things as the crow flies is now more than a bit outdated. Modern road-users prefer to travel using sat nav and GPS technology to obtain the quickest route information. As well as this, traffic data can be updated live meaning you can easily take yourself around a traffic jam before you get stuck in it. For those regularly spending time in the car, common journeys and destinations can be pre-loaded to make for quick starts. As a business owner however, keeping track of all your employees whilst they are out and about can be a bit more difficult.

Our fleet tracking services offer a whole host of solutions. Anyone in a management role will well understand the stress of managing assets, especially those that move all over the country within the space of a single day. Many businesses rely on a big helping of trust to ensure schedules are being kept to and efficiency being prioritised. Happily, there’s now the means to combine real time data analysis with those great relationships.

What In Car Technology can provide with this development is better organisation, ultimately leading to cost saving. Take as an example a meeting with an important client. Your top sales executive is on their way but running late. In the old days you’d have to try and call your employee on the road to then call back the impatient client. With our tracking however, you can pinpoint their exact location from your chair, providing instant reassurance and proving your overall efficiency as a business in one fell swoop.

In the same way speed cameras work by slowing drivers down simply through their road-side presence, our cab systems improve driving behaviour. It’s easy to forget the speed limit when your mind’s on other things, but knowing your company is keeping a record of your habits tends to bring this into focus. Less speeding fines coming in the post is a cost-saver we could all do with, and it increases individual safety at the same time.

Having all this data and more available at a glance can be a real game-changer for some operations. Where vehicles are used for time-sensitive deliveries, if something goes wrong in the supply chain you can spot it straight away. Correcting hiccups in your delivery or order process is far easier when the problem is translated for you in black and white. With digitalisation changing the way we work in the 21st century, this is a tool that keeps in line with ever-competitive markets. Your company cars, vans ans trucks can be ready for whatever challenges and opportunities the future brings your way.


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