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Driving company vehicles is a necessity that often ends up feeling like a chore. Regularly switching from one vehicle to another can its own present problems, and for those trying to manage their maintenance it can be a complex juggling act. In-Car Technology are proud to be able to assist with fleet management to take this burden away. Everything from software to journey optimisation can be coordinated and controlled with your company reaping the benefits.

With the number of vehicles newly registered on the roads of Britain each year teetering in the millions, Guildford is no exception in this rising trend. Busy roads are just one of the hazards local workers will encounter whilst navigating on behalf of their employer. Rather than being a stressful experience, our aim is to employ the latest technology that builds on common sense with the result of more efficient and enjoyable journeying. After all, who doesn’t feel happier when their commute ends up taking half the time they expected due to smarter route planning?

The list of benefits fleet control offers is a pleasing one. Cars, vans and trucks can in the first instance be purchased more economically, making for a better long term investment. Once they’re on the Tarmac, their regular maintenance can be looked after using software designed specifically for this purpose. Services, MOTs and check ups are monitored and scheduled like clockwork. There’s no more forgetting to put it on the wall calendar and only realising you’ve missed it once it’s too late.

Keeping track of all the sets of wheels you have on the go can be a headache in itself. With competent fleet tracking services however, journeys can be viewed in real time. Not only does this give more accurate assessments to those waiting at the other end, but routes can better planned and shortened. Time is money and therefore reduced commutes can be a surprisingly lucrative yet easy improvement. With bills seemingly always knocking at the door, fuel management can be another unexpected bonus. Understanding where money is spent makes the most out of your vehicles and sharpens your travels decisions. When you can see your expenditure neatly set out against the miles spent on the road, suddenly things are a lot clearer.

Safety is a primary concern for any employer, especially for those in their day to day care. Insurance and policy documents can all be safely and securely managed by our team, logging issues and keeping paperwork in order. Digitalising your data however, reduces waste and can produce informative analysis that illuminates your on-the-road habits as a business. Having the ability to check speeds and fuel usage keeps you in control of your assets, and gives you the opportunity to maximise their output. Health and safety can be taken care of by those in the know, liaising with relevant assessors where necessary. Above all, we know that compliance with government legislation is key, as is your duty of care to those behind the wheel.

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