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Kingston upon Thames is known for its picturesque riverside location, but it is also a thriving hub for many successful businesses.

One problem that often crops up for businesses is the one way system which was introduced in 1989 to ease the congestion and direct traffic away from the town centre. The real problem with this is it can be very confusing for visitors to get around Kingston upon Thames, and add additional time to journeys if you are not aware of the quickest and more direct routes. If being on time is one of the core values of your business strategy you don’t want to be losing precious time driving around aimlessly in the one way system. You need your staff to be able to find out the quickest routes to save time, uphold standards, keep your customers happy and ultimately save your business money.

At In Car Technology we have a Webfleet Solutions Tracking or  fleet management solution that will enable you to improve the efficiency of your fleet management and mobile workforce. Professional navigation and traffic information enable you optimise route planning, allowing your staff to spend more time with your clients and less time on the road stuck in traffic or lost in the Kingston upon Thames one way system. With the most up to date maps and live traffic information your drivers will be less stressed and can concentrate on best practice driving and reduce the risk of accidents. The fleet management solution is not just for large companies, it is suited to any size business, whether your fleet is made up of 5 or 5,000 vehicles our driver ID and logbook function and WORKsmart fleet solutions will improve the way you run your fleet, .

With Webfleet Solutions vehicle tracking you can keep an eye on exactly where your fleet vehicles are and have been in Kingston upon Thames and further afield. This means no more submitting messy and complicated vehicle logs for your staff, and also that when you need to send someone to a particular job you can instantly see who is closest and able to attend.

Use the reporting function to produce clear, customisable data showing mileage, logbooks, speeding and more. You can also use WEBFLEET tachograph manager to ensure your drivers are compliant with the law with a complete end-to-end digital tachograph solution. With Webfleet Solutions and fleet tracking you can make your business more efficient in numerous different ways.

For all manner of vehicle tracking solutions in Kingston upon Thames, come to In Car Technology.


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