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Managing a fleet of company vehicles can be stressful at the best of times; not only with knowing who is driving which vehicle, but also keeping all of them up to date with servicing. In-Car Technology are pleased to be able to help with this, with our fleet management system including telematics and gps tracking. We can provide software to plan journeys as well as keep track of vehicles

Every year thousands of new vehicles are registered in the UK, and many of them arrive here via Southampton’s busy dock. In fact, the port at Southampton has 30 acres of storage facilities specifically for new vehicles coming into or leaving the country. Drivers in Southampton will be familiar with the sight of rows and rows of brand new vehicles waiting to be moved; they’ll also be familiar with moving very slowly past them in rush hour traffic! People driving around Southampton have to deal with frequent bottlenecks of traffic where the slightest issue can cause massive tailbacks. This is just one of many problems drivers of fleet vehicles have to deal with on a regular basis. While we can’t remove traffic jams, our systems employ the very latest technology to build on your driver’s common sense to help them enjoy a more efficient journey. Most people would rather their commute took less time and involved less queueing, and we at In-Car Technology can help to make this a reality.

When your company has a large fleet of vehicles it can be a real headache trying to keep on top of where they all are. The larger the fleet, the more difficult it becomes to pinpoint exactly who is driving which vehicle, to where, for what reason. Our Webfleet Solutions fleet tracking services with gps tracking and telematics make this easy work. You can actually view the journey of a vehicle in real time and see exactly where it is. This means you’re able to give an accurate ETA to anyone awaiting their arrival, and also plan and even shorten journey times. Fuel management is another unexpected bonus of this; shorter journeys with less queueing can soon add up to a lower fuel bill. And when you can see your expenditure set out against miles and time spent on the road, it gives a very clear picture of how productive and economical your fleet is.

A big concern for anyone managing a fleet of vehicles is safety. With our fleet management solutions, your insurance documents and records of regular services can be stored safely and securely by our team, keeping paperwork in order and logging any issues. As well as this, digitalising all of your data cuts down significantly both on wastage and stationery expenditure. Having all of your data available at the touch of a button means we can produce a detailed analysis of all aspects of your fleet’s on-the-road habits. Average speeds, fuel usage and maintenance issues are all readily available, allowing you to make changes to procedures with real-time data to measure the impact.

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be stressful and time consuming – but it doesn’t need to be! With our fleet management services you can reap the rewards of knowing what is happening without stressing over the detail.


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