TomTom PRO 8270

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TomTom PRO 8270


The new TomTom PRO 8270 is ideal for delivery and Utilities industries or the Service and Maintenance sector. Using the open platform of the device you can capture and integrate data from the field, such as jobs completed, load, materials, and driver movements.

Recording important information helps to prove your legal compliance and provides proof to your customers and keeps your mobile workforce more accountable. With the PRO8270 you can modify the Webfleet workflow to your business needs and with TomTom traffic and IQ routes you will always know the fastest way to your customers and be able to give accurate ETA’s.

Connected to TomTom’s Webfleet online Management via a TomTom Link tracking device enables the following :-

  • Order Management – manage orders on your device
  • Active Driver Feedback – real-time alerts to promote efficient and safe driving
  • Working Time – record working hours with your fingertip
  • Messaging – two way text communication between the office and your drivers
  • Tracking – always know where your drivers are
  • Logbook – Keep accurate and reliable mileage records
  • Link.Connect – enrich office systems with real-time data from your mobile devices out on site with barcode readers, digital pens and more


  • 7″ screen and ruggedized driver terminal
  • Connects to Webfleet via the TomTom Link device
  • Speed Cameras and Lifetime TomTom traffic*
  • Fully customisable with platform control
  • Easy serviceability with remote device management via WiFi
  • PRO.connect – add bespoke business apps on the PRO8270 or customise Webfleet workflow with PRO.connect our open API

           *requires a subscription