Workforce Management & Integration

WEBFLEET helps to improve communication between your team in the office and drivers on the road, ensuring customer satisfaction.

TomTom PRO 8275

  • Scanning: Send barcodes, RFID or documents to the office in real time
  • Digital signature: Obtain digital signatures to prove delivery
  • Paperless invoicing with 3/4g connectivity to back office
  • Vehicle checks and accident reporting
  • Full vehicle navigation
  • The open platform is Android-based and allows you to install business apps for improving your business processes

App Centre

WEBFLEET integrates seamlessly with route planning, dispatch, CRM and tons of other business applications.
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Job and order workflow

  • Send new job and order details to your driver’s terminals and provides real-time status updates and fully automated reports
  • Optimise efficiency with dynamic dispatching
  • Optimise your fleet efficiency by enabling you to assign jobs to the driver with the shortest estimated arrival time using real time traffic information.