Stolen Vehicle Tracking

The sinking feeling of knowing your vehicle has been stolen is one we all hope to avoid. The good news is that the ease of recovering your loss has been massively improved by the introduction of tracking systems. Specially manufactured to locate your vehicle in minimum time, it serves as a great reassurance when faced with this crime. Technologies have been adapted to best serve this purpose, from Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to engine immobilisers. Connectivity with the internet allows both the rightful owner and the police authorities to obtain an incredible amount of information in the race to see the property returned.


Choosing the right stolen vehicle tracker for your car, van or fleet depends on your specific requirements. There are customisable options that can be tailored to develop a package that’s right for you. The first step in getting back on track after the event of a theft, is obtaining as much information as you can.Once installed, a tracking device can send alerts to a web-based application to show frequently updated location data.

Most importantly, alerts can be sent to the police who will liaise with you to recover the stolen item as soon as possible. This kind of high tech equipment works to overcome concealment technology that might be used by thieves as well as signal jammers trying to hide their route. The hugely improved rates of recovery when using this kind of system is why insurance providers choose to reduce premiums when these have been installed.