Multi Camera for HGVs

Our recommended solution for HGV with the ability to add up to 5 cameras for greater visibility around the vehicle and meet compliance standards.

Connected HGV

Quick & Convenient

  • Live view of all cameras
  • Automatically uploads footage of driving events to the cloud for instant review and download
  • No manual DVR or SD card reformatting required

The Best Connectivity

  • Remote access to footage via tru multi network 4G using the strongest network available to provide the best coverage possible
  • Never run out of data or get stung with big data overage fees

Supports Driver Training

  • Enhance driver training with camera footage to show drivers exactly how they can improve.

Integration with Webfleet Solutions





  • 1TB or 2TB hard drive providing much greater recording capacity
  • Sub stream back-up memory
  • Back-up memory on DVR provides twice the recording capacity in a lower resolution, reducing the chance of something important being over written or lost
  • Indicator trigger cables provided as standard. Know when and for how long the vehicles indicators were active.
  • Remote DVR wake up
  • 4G M2M multiple network sim. Automatically switches to the strongest network available proving maximum coverage.
  • 1GB aggregated data as standard. Don’t worry about running out of data when you need it or being charge expensive date overage fees. 
  • Face blurring and GDPR compliance – play video
  • Comply with Direct Vision Standard
  • Close proximity sensors with increasing severity zones & in-cab driver alert
  • Left hand turn alarm
  • Speed control module to deactivate sensors & alarms over 22mph
  • Upgradeable to continue to meet standard changes in 2024
  • Comply with FORS Silver & Gold Standard
  • Reverse camera
  • Audible reverse warning
  • In cab monitor 
  • Auto-upload footage of severe driving events
  • Cloud storage for 90 days
  • Stream cameras in real time and download footage remotely – play demo video
  • Severe driving event alerts
  • Camera or memory failure alerts 
  • Set geo-fences to automatically switch cameras off & on. Ideal for working in a high security areas