Try Before You Buy – Webfleet solutions Vehicle Tracking

We will install a Webfleet Solutions tracker in your vehicle for a free trial period of one week. You will receive your own secure login to a Webfleet account, so you can explore the many benefits and features of vehicle tracking.

Once you start using our vehicle tracking solution you will know where all your vehicles are, giving you access to important vehicle data and information on driver behaviour, such as speeding or harsh braking.

This will enable you to provide a better service to your customers, making your business more efficient and saving you time and money.


See where your vehicles are – and whether they’re parked or on the move – in real time on a TomTom map. By identifying the nearest driver for a new assignment, you can impress your customers and minimise the time you spend on the road.


Vehicle tracing remembers every movement of every vehicle in your fleet for up to 90 days. Follow the route taken on the TomTom map, check start and end locations and identify where savings can be made.


Get instant alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a previously designated area or nominated geo-zone. Alerts are delivered via automatic email notifications or directly into WEBFLEET, our online fleet management system.


Generate reliable, easy-to-understand reports on trip data, such as start and end times, driving and standstill hours, distance travelled and more. Select whether you would like to store the information as a PDF, then use it to improve operations and optimise your business.


Reduce your admin time to a minimum with automatic registration of private and business mileage.

  • Save admin time with easy mileage registration
  • Control costs and follow fiscal directives
  • Know that all miles are accounted for

Terms & conditions

  • Tracker to be supplied, installed and removed by In Car Technology for a one week trial. (subject to equipment availability)
  • The vehicle must be made available for a two hour period for the installation and setup and again for removal of the tracker.
  • The hardware will remain the property of In Car Technology Ltd at all times.
  • Basic online training in use of Webfleet will be provided.
  • The tracker supplied is for UK usage only.
  • A no obligation quote will be provided at the end of the trial.


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