Best EV Success Story Award

In September, we were delighted to attend Webfleet’s Annual Partner Conference. The theme for this year was “Being Brilliant!” which brought together partners and industry leaders to exchange knowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements. We had an amazing time, and it fills us with pride to announce that we received the esteemed “Best EV Success Story” partner award.

With an impressive 850,000 fully electric cars now gracing the roads of the UK, we eagerly anticipate a cleaner and more technologically advanced future. Through Webfleet’s integrated system, you gain immediate access to vital information like range, energy consumption, and charging statuses. Our valued customers at Riverford, who boast the largest EV fleet under our care, rely on Webfleet to strategise their journeys and optimise the range of their electric vehicles.

In addition to the enhanced reputation, EV fleets offer substantial cost savings compared to traditional fuel. Enjoy a noteworthy reduction in road tax and potential savings of up to 20% on fuel expenses. Why not schedule a call with Webfleet’s team of EV experts today?
Rest assured, our engineers are highly trained and certified to work on Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Systems. This ensures they can operate safely, diagnose, test, and carry out repairs efficiently. You can have complete confidence that your new EV fleet is in capable and secure hands.