PHL Group clinicians go green with In Car Technology & Webfleet

A leading healthcare services provider has reduced CO2 emissions by eight per cent across its vehicle fleet in just five months thanks to a new connected fleet management solution.

Hampshire-based PHL Group, which is aiming to become net zero within 12 years, has introduced the Webfleet Work App from Bridgestone and an integrated camera system across its fleet of cars that transport clinicians to underpin a successful driver improvement programme. Telematics specialist and Webfleet approved partner In Car Technology guided PHL Group on both the solution and installation.

The Work App combines tracking, seamless driver communication, workflow management and navigation in one solution, while front and rear Mantis cameras integrated with the Webfleet platform offer more detailed insights into critical events on the road.

PHL Fleet Supervisor Chris Needham explained: “The Work App, installed on the phones of both drivers and clinicians, has been integrated with our Adastra patient management software to help streamline our operations, with the most appropriate healthcare professionals dispatched to patients alongside all the clinical information they need.”

PHL Group’s Carbon Reduction Committee has recognised its vehicle fleet as a key component of its environmental strategy, and Webfleet is being used to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Needham added: “The system’s integral OptiDrive functionality is giving us a clearer picture of the performance of our drivers behind the wheel, enabling us to reduce incidents of idling by 11 per cent, along with other inefficient driving behaviours that impact fleet emissions, including speeding, harsh steering and braking.”

“Trends are closely monitored, with Webfleet detailing CO2 information about every vehicle and trip, and problem areas are then addressed during driver appraisals.

“Looking ahead, when the time comes Webfleet’s EV fleet management solution will also help to ensure we take the most cost-effective route to electrification.”

The system is also helping PHL Group to achieve its net zero target by providing insights into driving behaviours and enabling the company to identify and address areas for improvement.

In Car Technology is a leading provider of in-car technology solutions, including fleet management, telematics and driver safety systems. The company has a wealth of experience in helping businesses to improve their fleet operations and reduce their environmental impact.