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It Takes only 23 Seconds to Steal a Car!!

December 4th, 2018

PROTECT YOUR VEHICLE AGAINST MODERN DAY THEFT METHODS Official figures show car theft hit a six year high last year, up an estimated 57,000 crimes in 2 years. These are worrying stats on the increase of car crimes involving relay theft. One in 3 cars are stolen with the vehicles own key. Do something about it! Install a Meta Trak VTS tracker to your vehicle. The VTS comes with driver ID tags which fight wireless key relay theft and key…

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New Car phone Legislation

September 19th, 2016

New Car phone Legislation Motorist using a mobile phone while driving face bigger fines and more points The government are planning to increase the number of penalty points to 6 for any driver caught using a mobile phone while driving and also increasing the penalty fine from £100 to £200. The proposals are part of the governments Road Safety Plan and are aimed at those who repeatedly offend. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: “Using a mobile phone at the wheel…

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TomTom Telematics Series 8 release

May 3rd, 2016

Recently TomTom Telematics released their new Pro 8 series portable terminals which will transform the possibilities and have a big impact on the fleet management system. The terminals are connected to the Webfleet platform via a tom-tom link tracker and are designed to relate information back to the office in real time so decisions can be made more quickly and effectively. The 2 new pro models are the 8270 and the 8275, the main difference between the devices is that…

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Meta Trak Systems Introduction

February 4th, 2016

ICT would like to welcome Meta into the world of tracking with an exciting new series of GPS tracking systems. As more and more customers and businesses are looking at tracking either for insurance purposes or just peace of mind, Meta Trak have covered it all. The system has also been made easy to use and monitor by a dedicated mobile app as well as an online facility. From the entry level Shield system to the Meta Trak 5, the…

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Reversing Cameras now at In Car Technology

October 7th, 2015

We have just recently installed  a reversing camera into a BMW.  The camera  is wired through the front screen and giving you movable guidelines.  Below are a couple of  pictures of the installation  – this looks and reacts the same as a factory fit camera from BMW. The installation of reversing cameras is vehicle specific, so please contact us for availability of cameras for your own vehicle.      

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Stay Warm and Safe this Winter!

February 3rd, 2015

Are you feeling the cold??    Why not let us install our 2 stage heated seats to keep you warm on these cold winter days. Or how about having our parking sensors fitted, to avoid those costly bumps – we can supply and install front and rear sensors all colour coded to your vehicle, and with our fully mobile service you wont even have to leave your home or place of work.  Just give us a call or email us…

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In Car Technology has new website

April 30th, 2013

Welcome to In Car Technology’s new website We love the look of our new site and would like to thank all the guys at SMSW Media in Farnham for doing a great job. They were all very helpful and professional from start to finish and it was a pleasure to work with them. In Car Technology would really appreciate your feedback on our new site – did you manage to find the products you are interested in easily? -Please email us…

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