Engaging and Motivating Your Fleet Drivers

Would you like to boost your companies performance?

Would you like to cut the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance in your fleet?

Do you need to boost driving performance standards?

Have you tried various methods of incentivising your employees to help achieve a higher level of success?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then read on….

TomTom Fleet Management  technology gives the driver full responsibility to improve their own efficiency and performance by feeding live information back to their sat nav devices alerting them visually and audibly, enabling them to then change their actions in real time.

WEBFLEET can also compile and publish league tables automatically by taking into account MPG, speeding incidents and driving events such as harsh steering, acceleration or breaking, to encourage healthy competition against other employees comparing performance and improvements in efficiency and create positive team spirit!

Thanks to TomTom Webfleets league tables Zenith Hygiene Group managed to cut fuel costs by £222,660 in just one year across a fleet of 119 vehicles! Recognition and acknowledgement of drivers improvements and achievements can have a hugely positive effect on motivation across the team. Coupled together with clear communication this will help everyone understand how the company can prosper from increased fuel efficiency as well as improve their performance behind the wheel.

Empower, engage and motivate your employees to improve their efficiency with TomTom fleet Telematics

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