It’s TomTom Telematics 15th Anniversary!

In September TomTomTelematics celebrated its 15th anniversay of Webfleet, its award winning fleet management platform.

WEBFLEET was launched in 1999 and has grown to become the most widely-adopted telematics SaaS platform in Europe, providing businesses with valuable insights into their Fleet operations. WEBFLEET has been used to improve mobile operations in every sector of business imaginable, everything from transport and logistics, utilities, sales fleets, construction, breakdown, maintenance and service etc. Thirty thousand customers already trust 400,000 vehicles to TomTom Telematics, benefiting from their reliable uptime, as well as the financial stability TomTom can offer.

Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director, of TomTom Telematics said, ” Our client experience shows us that Webfleet today saves businesses around the world an estimated 80 million euro’s a month and more than 11.5 million litres of fuel every day” ” WEBFLEET continues to evolve, providing customers with ever smarter ways to achieve their business goals”

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